Nissan Leaf Has Its Second-Best Sales Month, The Volt Declines Again

leafvoltThe Nissan Leaf enjoyed its second-best sales month in April 2013, moving nearly 2,000 units in the past 30 days. This is a big jump from just a few months ago, when Leaf sales weren’t even cracking 1,000 units a month. Meanwhile Chevy Volt sales are losing a little bit of steam. Are consumers warming up to EVs, or did the big price drop have a big effect on sales?

When Nissan started production of the Leaf in Tennessee, it may have helped them to sell more Leafs, but they still have a way to go before they can claim success. Nissan sold 1,937 Leaf EVs in April. and according to Nissan, Leaf sales increased 160% so far since 2013, compared to the first quarter (and two months) of 2012.

Meanwhile, sales of the Chevy Volt slightly decreased. In February 1,626 Chevy Volts were sold; in March: 1,478; and April just 1,306 Volts rolled off of dealership lots. There is a downward trend here, but so far Volt sales in 2013 so far are 3.2% more than 2012.

With Tesla Model S production in full swing though, there may soon be another competitor for best-selling electric car in America.  Leaf and Volt, you’ve been warned.

Source: Autoblog Green

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