Aston Martin Rapide S Completes First Hydrogen Lap At Nurburgring

aston-martin-hybrid-hydrogen-rapide-sWith different automaker vying with each other to pick the new alternative-fuel “winner”, car marketing departments have their work cut out for them. But Aston Martin’s press people have done a good job pumping up the hydrogen-powered Aston Martin Rapide S, which completred the first hydrogen-powered lap of the ‘Ring ever.

The latest news on the hydrogen Aston is that it has already completed its first lap, making it the first hydrogen-powered car to complete a lap at the famous Nurburgring. CEO Ulrich Bez was even at the wheel as this Rapide made clean-racing history, though it is not the first low-or-no emissions car to lap the Nurburgring. Toyota still holds the lap record for electric vehicles at the ‘Ring.

Later this month the Aston Martin Rapide S will race for 24 hours at the annual endurance race at the ‘Ring. It can run on either gasoline, hydrogen, or a combination of both, demonstration a level versatility that could help ease consumers into an alternative to oil. Europe has a fair number of hydrogen filling stations among its many member states, but there are still many more petrol stations.

More importantly, is this hydrogen Aston planned for production? Or is it just a technology showcase, a car company’s version of “Hey, look what I can do too!” Let’s hope something more than a few extra Google searches comes of this interesting performance car project.

 Source: Aston Martin

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