OSU Joins Venturi In Pursuit Of Another EV Land Speed Record

buckeye-1The potential for performance and speed from electric vehicles is still not recognized by the public as a whole, but there are those working to ensure that EVs get the respect they deserve. Ohio State University has joined Venturi Automobiles for building a 3,000 horsepower streamliner that could eventually hit 435 mph on the salt flats.

The Ohio State/Venturi team of students, teachers, and engineers already broke the 300 mph barrier back in 2010, and has been steadily working towards the next obvious step; 400 mph. Using a 3,000 horsepower electric motor, the OSU team is working towards first hitting a speed of 373 mph, before eventually shooting for 700 kph, or about 435 mph some time next year.

Going that fast isn’t for just any college engineering student though, so professional land speed racer Roger Schroer will be behind the wheel. Nicknamed Jamais Contente, or “never satisfied” in homage of Camille Jenatzi who, on April 29, 1899, became the first person in history to break the 100 km/h (62 mph) barrier. Now a bunch of college students are aiming to break past 400 mph, and in an electric car no less.

It’s an amazing world we live in, eh?

Source: Autoblog Green

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