Federal Government To Double Hybrid Fleet

hybridWhile not as big of an issue as it once was, the rising Federal deficit remains of grave concern to many politicians. With fuel expenditures a huge expense for governments at all levels, the Federal government is looking to double the size of its hybrid fleet, a move it says will (eventually) save a million gallons of fuel per year.

The General Services Administration will begin phasing out certain fleet vehicles and replacing them with hybrids, eventually purchasing around 10,000 new hybrid vehicles for government use. This will just about double the current government fleet of 10,672, though gas-powered vehicles aren’t the only ones that will be replaced. Some less-popular alternative fuel vehicles will also be replaced by hybrids.

A million gallons of fuel saved per-year is a nice number to bandy about, but even 20,000 hybrids will still make up just about 10% of the GSA’s entire fleet. Depending on what hybrids the GSA buys, actual financial savings could take years to accrue, and it seems to indicate that the government is pulling away from certain alternative fuel projects.

But even if the hybridized fleet doesn’t save much, if any money directly, the lower pollution levels is something that absolutely benefits us all. Perhaps one day, all government vehicles will utilize hybrid cars in just about every regard, and then the financial savings will really pile up.

So a mixed bag of news, at best, a compromise if you will. Don’t see that too often in Washington these days, do you?

Source: The Detroit News

Christopher DeMorro

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