Video: Rear-Wheel Drive Electric Ford Fiesta Put To The Test

ewheeldriveWhile Ford hasn’t invested as much money or effort into pure electric cars as some other automakers, its latest project could shape up to be its most promising. We already told you about the hub-in-wheel rear-wheel drive Ford Fiesta eWheelDrive, and now we have video of it in action, as well as talk about what the future of this new electric drive system may hold.

Built in conjunction with Schaffler, the Ford Fiesta eWheelDrive has two wheel-mounted motors at the rear end, freeing up space under the hood and in the trunk area. The battery pack can be mounted under the passenger space, and most of the drive components are in the wheels itself, saving a lot of space and eliminating components like drivetrains and transmissions.

According to Ford, this makes the Fiesta eWheelDrive much more nimble as well, which is ideal for tight urban areas. One future feature of this system, should it ever go into production, could allow the wheels to rotate as much as 90 degrees, making parallel parking a cinch even in the smallest of spaces.

With Ford’s focus on turbocharged EcoBoost engines and hybrid drivetrains though, pure electric vehicles may be hard to justify in the European economic climate. Maybe Ford is more serious about electric vehicles than we first thought though, and a rear-wheel drive electric Fiesta would be a welcome addition to the Ford portfolio if you ask me.

 Source: Ford

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