Video: Los Angeles Welcomes Formula E Electric Race Series

formula-eOne of the most exciting developments in the green car world is the formation of the Formula E racing series, which is essentially Formula One with electric cars. While several major cities across the world have signed on to host this new series, Los Angeles is the first city in the U.S. to announce that it will serve as a host for this new electric racing series.

The Formula E series is set to take off in 2014, and cities like Rio de Janeiro and London have already been mentioned as definite and possible racing venues, respectively. Rome is almost certainly going to serve as a setting for the inaugural Formula E season as well, so Los Angeles is joining some elite company. Professional driver Lucas di Grassi was on hand to give the crowd a brief demonstration of the Formulec-designed electric race car that will serve as the ride of choice for many teams, though teams are allowed to bring their own electric race cars as well.

While race specifics are still being worked out, Formula E races are expected to hold both qualifying and actual races on the same day. Races will be an hour in length, and each driver will be provided two electric cars with approximately 25-30 minutes of driving time per charge. That should make the final laps especially interesting as drivers vie for position while trying not to run out of juice.

The season will consist of 10 races and 20 drivers, with big name racing outfits like McLaren and Drayson signing on for the first Formula E. With at least one race in the U.S., electric racing proponents need to show up in force and giving this new racing series a lot of support if we want it to stick around for more than one season.

Christopher DeMorro

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