Tesla Improves Warranty Plan, Hints At Eventual 500-Mile Battery

tesla-serviceElon Musk knows how important customer service is to an elite clientele, and he was working to ensure Tesla Model S owners are well taken care of. So in addition to a new personal loaner service for Tesla Model S owners, Musk announced several key changes to the Model S warranty and, perhaps more importantly, it’s battery pack. Musk also hinted that a more-powerful battery pack might not be too far away.

We already covered how Tesla will provide customers whose Model S is being serviced a fully-loaded loaner car for the duration of the service. Musk also announced that the $600 annual service contract is now optional, and no longer required to maintain the Tesla’s Model S and its 5-year/50,000 mile warranty.

Speaking of warranties, Tesla will now also replace any “bricked” battery packs for absolutely free. That should help alleviate concerns over the battery pack, as well as resale value. Oh, and Tesla will also allow customers who borrow a loaded loaner the option to buy their loaner for a price that is“…1% lower per month and $1 per mile”, offering something of a trade-in value guarantee.

This will also help work used cars in a likely upcoming Tesla certified used car program. Finally there was mention from Musk that a 500-mile battery could feasibly hit the market in 4 to 5 years…right around the time Musk wants his BMW 3-series fighter to hit Tesla dealers. It’ll be interesting to see how that all turns out, to say the very least.

 Source: Tesla Blog

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