Detroit Electric And Geely Announce EV Partnership

detroit-electric-technologyDetroit Electric has announced that it will partner with Chinese automaker Geely to co-develop electric cars for China. This deal will help the reborn electric car maker add an experienced partner to its portfolio to help it develop affordable electric car solutions for the world’s largest new car market.

Detroit Electric has been lurking along the sidelines as the rise and fall of many alternative energy companies has played out the past few years. The automaker bided its time well, bursting onto the scene with a Lotus-based electric coupe called the SP:01 that everyone has been quick to compare to the Tesla Roadster. But only so many people can afford a $100,000 electric car.


That’s where the deal with Geely comes in. Using the Emgrand EC7 as a base vehicle, the EC7-EV will have a “Detroit Electric-Technology” badge applied as well for its part in the project. The EC7-EV will come with two battery pack options, one providing 102 miles of range, the other rated at 160 miles. Initially the EC7-EV will be marketed to fleet customers, with sales goals a humble 3,000 units in the first year.

By 2017 however, Geely is targeting 30,000 annual sales of its new electric car. If Detroit Electric and Geely can stay on target, it will help the reborn automaker fulfill its goal of having an all-electric sedan on the road by the end of 2014.

With Volvo already under its corporate umbrella, the addition of an electric car market will help Geely diversify its growing portfolio of available technologies and drivetrains. How long before Geely-built vehicles, perhaps still powered by Detroit Electric technology, hit U.S. streets?

Source: Detroit Electric

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