Video: Ronnie Renner Rides KTM’s Electric Motorcycle Through Austria

ktm-electric-bikeWhile electric car sales may not be exactly booming, interest in electric motorcycles is surging thanks to their instant torque and more affordable nature. Austrian-based motorcycle company KTM recently handed over its all-electric prototype motorcycle to Pro FMX rider Ronnie Renner, who took it out for some field testing, and ended up having more fun than expected.

Renner is known for his hilarious antics and uncouth interviews, but he is widely considered one of the best FMX riders out there. Having been riding gas-powered bikes his whole life, Renner probably didn’t expect an all-electric motorcycle to be all that impressive. But KTM invited him out to try their new, unnamed prototype anyways.

The result? One very happy FMX rider who enjoys the KTM Freeride-E, which Renner puts to the test on KTM’s testing grounds before heading to the X-Bowl Arena. While KTM brought along a gas-powered 250F for Renner to use as well, he had so much fun on the electric motorcycle that he didn’t even bother with the 250.

But Renner’s most glowing comment? He wants one. And so do we.


Christopher DeMorro

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