Tesla Preparing To Offer Industry-Topping Loan Service

tesla-loaner-serviceTesla Motors is preparing a fleet of 80 Model S vehicles to offer to customers whose vehicles are being serviced. Many people would love to receive luxury sports courtesy cars like the Tesla Model S when their own cars are being repaired, and Tesla Motors is preparing to do that…for current Tesla owners.

This is Tesla’s latest effort at expanding both its customer base and customer service. Tesla recently added a leasing offer to let you build equity in leased vehicles, though the numbers they used are a bit, shall we say, sketchy.

Customers will not have to drag themselves all the way down to the dealership to borrow cars, the loan cars will be taken to them, and the loaner cars feature the 85 kWh batteries that can travel up to 265 miles per charge.

Tesla Motors is setting aside the 80 Model S vehicles specifically for customers that need to have their Model S vehicles serviced (tire rotation, detailing etc.). This is the least that Tesla Motors could do since they charge $600 per month year for their service plan, which is required to keep the warranty active. Elon Musk gave Lexus credit for a similar approach which ensures that their customers don’t have to downgrade their cars.

Earlier this month, Tesla Motors announced that enjoyed its very first profitable quarter and that it sold 4,750 cars by the end of March, which exceeds its sales target by 250. Things are really starting to fall into place for Tesla.

Source: Tesla Motors

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