Buick Riviera Concept Unveiled At Shanghai Auto Show


Here in America, Buick has experienced something of a revival both in public perception and sales. In China though, Buick has been riding an unprecedented wave of enthusiasm for years now, and GM appears to be very in tune with Chinese consumers. Their latest concept, the water-inspired Buick Riviera, is a next-gen hybrid with stunning looks. Please GM, build this car…in America!

The Buick Riviera uses a new two-mode wireless plug-in hybrid drivetrain that can be recharged via inductive charging, no cords required. While a hybrid, make no mistake, this is designed to be a sports car, though GM does not mention anything in regards to range, horsepower, or actual performance.

But what the Buick Riviera concept lacks in performance numbers it makes up for in technology, including on-board 4G LTE wireless internet, 10 high-resolution cameras, and 18 micro-sensors that can display road hazards in a holographic display. Not to mention that absolutely gorgeous design that I hope filters down into other (read: American) Buick products.


That does not bode well for an actual production model, though it is good to see GM getting back to more elaborate and eye-catching concept cars. I think this Riviera is absolutely gorgeous, and rumors have swirled that a Buick version of the Chevy Volt could be in the works. Wouldn’t it be even better if it was a gorgeous, rear-wheel drive performance couple?

Again GM…make this car!

Images: Autoblog


Christopher DeMorro

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