Diesel And Hybrid Mercedes-Benz C-Class Options Coming Soon!

mercedes-c-classFollowing a trend towards efficiency improvement and electrification of automobiles, Mercedes-Benz will offer hybrid-electric and diesel versions of C Class cars in 2014. They are expected to debut at the Detroit Auto Show in 2014.

The hybrid-electric C Class option will be available in 2015, and will be a first for this class of Mercedes. The German automaker already sells several diesel variants of the C Class in Europe, where diesel cars are far more common than they are in the United States. According to Automotive News, one reason for this is an effort to dig into BMW’s lead with the 3 series. BMW is also bringing a diesel sedan to the U.S., and the two German automakers will no doubt butt heads over potential customers.

Convertible and coupe models of the C-class will be available in 2015. Mercedes-Benz said there will be no wagons for the United States, citing low demand. The diesel engines used in Europe are four-cylinder units displacing 2.1 liters. Fuel economy is said to be around 50 mpg on the European testing cycle, and the turbodiesel engine will deliver a respectable 190 horsepower and 368 ft-lbs of torque. Gotta love those diesels!

The hybrid setup will also utilize a 4-cylinder engine, albeit one paired with an electric motor. This will give customers an important choice, one playing out across new car dealerships across America. Do I want a diesel, or do I want a hybrid? Oh, Mercedes is also offering the pure electric B-class for sale in the U.S. starting next year too. Decisions, decisions!

Given the choice, which would you rather drive?

Source: Automotive News

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