TUM CREATE VOI = Electric Rickshaw of Terror (w/ video)

TUM CREATE electric rickshaw scooter

What you see here is the latest from electric vehicle-maker TUM. Called the CREATE VOI, it’s an all-electric, 2-wheeled “taxi” concept that promises to put skinny people through the harrowing experience of experiencing Singapore’s dense traffic at high speeds without any sense of forward vision or control over their own safety.

It’s sort of like a tuk-tuk or a rickshaw, I think. There used to be rickshaw guys all over Coconut Grove when I used to go there. For a few bucks, you and a friend date random warm body could hop into a covered trike thing, usually made of bamboo or rattan or something, and a guy or gal with impossibly ripped calf muscles would huff and puff and pedal you all over the few blocks of Coconut Grove that tourists would consider “safe”.

I liked those little rickshaws.

You could not pay me enough to ride in the front pod of this thing, and you’d need to have fresh drawers ready for me as soon as I got out of it, I’m sure.

For its part, the TUM CREATE VOI has a 3 kWh lithium-ion battery battery that’s good for a 40-50 mile range and a top speed of about 25 mph. To help keep the bike stable at stops, special “training wheels” deploy to serve as extra-meaty thighs. The trainers also double as the bike’s service and parking stand, and allow the passenger to get out of the cockpit more easily … not that most people will have any problem actively fleeing the vehicle!

Here’s a show-floor video of the wicked little deathtrap VOI, below. Enjoy!


Source: TechVehi.

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