EcoMotors Inks $200 Million Deal With Chinese Company

ecomotors-opocEcoMotor’s opposed-piston engine turned engine design on its head, literally. The design certainly seems “out there”, but a $200 million dollar deal signed with Zhongding Power to produce the engines in China shows the company is serious.

While many major automakers are focusing on diesel and turbo technology to improve the efficiency of the internal combustion engines, the opposed-cylinder can supposedly provide better efficiency in a lighter, smaller package with fewer moving parts. There are no valves and no cylinder head, shaving costs and weight as well.

The EcoMotors design utilizes a turbodiesel setup that is reportedly 50% more efficient, and could deliver up to 100 mpg in today’s average automobile. EcoMotors expects these engines to start appearing in cars around 2015 or 2016, with three “letters of intent” from Chinese automakers to utilize this revolutionary engine.

Like so many other technologies, EcoMotors’ opposed-cylinder engine sounds promising. If it finds favor with Chinese automakers in the world’s largest car market, maybe we’ll all be driving similar cars in the future.

Source: Automotive News

Christopher DeMorro

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