Hyundai Unveils E4U A Radical EV Prototype

hyundai-e4uHyundai has unveiled an egg-shaped vehicle at the Seoul Motor Show, the E4U, which stands for Egg, Evolution, Electricity, and Eco-friendliness. This unique pod vehicle could be the transportation of the future for the urban masses.

It uses a motor which is only 0.67 HP (500 watts, or 0.5 kW) to propel itself up to 18 MPH (29 km/h). This power requirement is incredibly low. Even Segway motors are in excess of 2 HP, and this vehicle actually has an outer shell, plus a seat, unlike the Segways.


Traditional automobiles generally require at least 100 horsepower to provide proper motivation, as even the lightest car weighs on the order of 2,500 pounds or more. The Hyundai E4U weighs only 180 pounds, including the battery, needing a lot less power to get around. Sure, 18 mph isn’t exactly fast, but it’s about as quick as a vigorous bicycle rider, minus the exercise.

The E4U’s legs can be folded and the side parts detached for easy storage. It doesn’t require any more space than a bicycle does, making it the perfect urban

Source: CNET

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