Elon Musk: More Affordable Tesla EV By 2017

elon-muskUnless you’re a wealthy person who can afford either a second car or the Tesla Model S, your options for a pure electric vehicle are quite…limited, shall we say. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk wants to change that, and he says that by 2017, you will be able to buy a fun and affordable Tesla vehicle that could be half the price of the current Model S.

In an interview with Engadget, Musk talks about killing the 40 kWh Tesla Model S, talking about how it was “sluggish” and “…didn’t feel like a Tesla.” Fair enough. Still, without the 40 kWh model, the cheapest Tesla you can buy starts at $70,000 ($62,500 after a Federal tax credit, less with other state incentives). That leaves most of us unable to do more than dream of owning a fast and fun Tesla EV.

But Musk says that by 2016, 2017 at the latest, a new, more affordable Tesla vehicle will be for sale. This car could come in at about half the price of the Model S, around $35,000, which would make it a great contender for the BMW 3-series, a car Musk mentions quite frequently. Of course this is after the Model X SUV hits the road, and that project has already been pushed back a year to 2014 at the earliest.

In other words, don’t hold your breath.

Musk also says that in about two weeks, he will have an exciting new announcement regarding the Tesla Supercharging stations. Musk says that he will easily meet his goal of having 100 Superchargers set up nationwide by 2015, and that these charging stations will ALWAYS be free. We’ll be sure to stay tuned for that announcement.

Source: Engadget

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