Sim-CEL Is Fast, Aerodynamic, And Funky Looking

sim-drive-sim-celThe developer of the Eliica eight-wheeled electric car and the 200-mile Sim-WIL has created the Sim-CEL, which is another electric car which is just as wacky, weird, and unattractive as its predecessors. Yet the weird  swoopy design is less about aesthetics than it is about aerodynamics, and when you put it like that, the Sim-CEL makes sense.

Built by Japanese company Sim-Drive, the Sim-CEL is almost as fast as the Eliica and can accelerate from zero to sixty-two MPH in 4.2 seconds, which is 0.1 seconds slower than the Eliica. It has four motors, one in each wheel, and it can supposedly travel 201 (324) miles per charge, 17 miles less than its predecessor. Each of it’s four electric motors can produce 65 kW (87 HP) for a combined output of about 350 horsepower.

It achieves this using an impressively aerodynamic body that has a drag coefficient of 0.199, which is incredibly slippery and allows for the excellent, Tesla-like performance and impressive range. Curb weight is around 3,400 pounds, making it lighter than the Tesla too.

But would anybody actually want to buy this car? Probably not. It’s just a wee bit too funky looking for most peoples’s tastes. Then again, this is clearly a car from the future…and who knows what the future really holds?

Source: Autoblog Green


Nicholas Brown

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