Tesla Model S Crashes Through Restaurant Wall

tesla-crash“Unintended acceleration” is the buzzword thrown around every time a driver decides it was the car’s fault, rather than their own, that the car got out of control. Such is the case of a California woman who drove her brand new Tesla Model S through the wall of a seafood restaurant.

The 71-year old female driver claims she hit the brake, but instead of stopping the Tesla shot forward, through the wall of the restaurant, giving it a new centerpiece for the dining room of the Lure Fish House. There were four people in the Tesla at the time, though none were hurt.

Honestly, the only reason this is even news is because it involves a Tesla Model S, and the picture is kind of funny. But the unintended acceleration claims are a serious accusation, one levied against Toyota that turned out to be unproven.

The lesson here? Some people need to learn to drive…and take responsibility for their actions.

Source: The Ventura County Star

Christopher DeMorro

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