Tesla Motors, Fisker Automotive Join To Form "Tisker"

tesla-fiskerIn a surprise announcement that nobody expected, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk announced a joint partnership with plug-in hybrid car maker Fisker Automotive. The two green car companies are joining forces on a low-priced, hybrid sedan to compete with the Chevy Volt in a project codenamed “Tisker”.

Nobody saw this one coming, we can tell you that much, and details of the merger are still leaking out. But what we can tell you is that Fisker and Tesla have apparently been in secret talks about this merger for some time, ever since battery maker A123 systems went bankrupt. Fisker approached Tesla about using their battery packs going forward, and from there this partnership was born.

“By teaming up with Tesla, Fisker Automotive has found a partner that understands the green car consumer better than we ever did,” said Fisker CEO Tony Posawatz. “This will bring some stability to our brand, and allow us to focus on doing what we do best; fleecing the wealthy by selling them a half-baked, overpriced hybrid coupe with the interior space of a Ford Fiesta.:

“Here at Tesla, we truly believe in pure electric vehicles,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in a statement. “That said, we also believe that hybrids play an important role in allowing the lower classes to feel like they’re part of the solution rather than the problem. Our partnership with Fisker should allow us to deploy some feel-good hybrids for the masses at a premium price. Thank goodness for easy credit. Hey, is this microphone still on?”

So there you have it; the Tisker partnership is born with the promise of hybrid cars for the masses. Who didn’t see this one coming?

Note: If you’ve read this far, and still think this story is true…happy April Fools day friend.

Christopher DeMorro

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