Subaru’s First Hybrid Breaks Cover, To Make Official Debut This Week

subi-hybridWhile most automakers have embraced hybrid technology or pure electric vehicles as a means of meeting fuel economy mandates, a handful have yet to commit one way or another. Japanese automaker Subaru is one such company, though it appears the company that made Boxer engines and all-wheel drive cool will finally offer a hybrid of its own.

Called the Subaru XV Crosstrek, details are scarce, and won’t be revealed until the New York Auto Show later this week. But from what we can gather, Subaru is building a crossover-type hybrid, perhaps based on their popular Forester model. We’re actually surprised it took Subaru this long to crank out a hybrid vehicle, considering that the company has quite the reputation as a green automaker, though the company has teased some hybrid concepts before.

Among Subaru’s green credentials (asides from the fact that many people with liberal views seem to love them) is their zero-waste manufacturing facility in Indiana. Yet to date, Subaru has not really offered any vehicle that could be considered fuel efficient. Subaru’s commitment to all-wheel drive has really hurt their fuel economy ratings, but perhaps this new hybrid can change all of that.

We’ll be bringing you all the details from the showroom floor later this week.

Source: Subaru

Christopher DeMorro

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