Electric Camaro Drag Racer Seeks Kickstarter Funding For Video Series

kickstarter-camaroDrag racing has been thrilling motorsports fans for decades, but new revelations in electric vehicles has allowed drag racing to branch off in a new quiet, but just-as-fast direction. But the world of electric drag racing has not received as much attention as it maybe deserves, though the owner of a pure electric Camaro dragster aims to change that with a new Kickstarter-funded video series.

We’ve written about Ron Adamowicz and his pure electric Camaro dragster, the Warp Factor III, before. Since making his nearly-single-digit run down the dragstrip in 2011, Ron and the Warp Factor III have been keeping a low-key precense. However, the 1981 Camaro body has been replaced with a 2010 Camaro body-in-white, giving this electric dragster a more modern feel.

While Ron and the Warp Factor team have gotten far on their own, the next step is to produce a video series to promote electric drag racing and, in particular, this electric Camaro. Having met Ron in person, I can honestly say that he is 100% devoted to the idea of pure electric vehicles, and especially EV drag racing. But to fund this video series, Ron is going to need $5,000 sent to his Kickstarter fund.

Being that we love ourselves some green, clean, and mean race cars, I figured we’d put this Kickstarter out there to our readers, and ask them to pitch in and spread the word about this cool cause.

 Source: Kickstarter

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