Henrik Fisker Buys A Fisker

fisker-buys-a-fiskerThe co-founder of Fisker Automotive recently resigned from his position in the board of directors, due to “several major disagreements” on “business strategy”, seeming to center on Chinese investors and the use of U.S. government funds. But despite leaving the company he built from nothing, Henrik Fisker still believes enough in the Karma to buy one for himself.

Henrik Fisker purchased a Fisker Karma as he left because the vehicle he had before was a company car. About 2,000 Fisker Karma models have been sold, though the company hasn’t allegedly built a car since the summer of last year. But good ol’ Henrik was still able to walk into a Santa Monica Fisker dealership and walk out with a Karma of his own, paying the full retail price of around $102,000.

It has been a rough couple of years for Fisker, and the brand itself may soon be absorbed by a much larger Chinese parent. The only remaining interested bidder is Dongfeng, a Chinese government-owned car maker. But regardless of Henrik Fisker’s disagreements with management, putting his money where his mouth is should count for something. Right?

Source: The Detroit News

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