Offset Automotive Emissions With Pear Energy

Pear_Energy_BannerElectric vehicles are great, and hybrids are just swell, but not everybody is able to make the financial commitment required to buy a brand new, fuel efficient vehicle. Maybe your choice of careers means you’re stuck driving a gas guzzling truck or van all day, but you still want to try and offset your energy usage in a meaningful way. Well Pear Energy offers just such a service.

Most of us have probably heard of carbon offset companies, where you pay X amount of dollars to plant trees and whatnot. pear Energy works differently, directly supporting suppliers of renewable energy. For an extra 2-cents per kWh, Pear Energy will have these green energy suppliers pump however much energy your home uses into your electrical grid.

If your power comes from coal or nuclear power, you’re essentially offsetting your usage with cleaner power. Furthermore, Pear claims to give away 50% of its profits to worthy causes, including the Blue/Green Alliance and Working Families Party. Most importantly though, your money goes to support some of the numerous green energy projects popping up across America.

If you’re looking for a way to offset your automotive emissions, or you want to feed green energy to your electric car, Pear Energy might be just what the electrical engineer ordered.

This is a sponsored post courtesy of Pear Energy, allowing you to send green energy directly into your local grid.


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