Forbidden Fruit: 57 MPG Diesel Wagon is the Mazda 6 We Want Right Meow

Mazda 6 diesel wagon

Over the past few months, Chris and I have both swooned over the sexy, swoopy new Mazda 6 and its racy new SkyActiv, clean-burn diesel engine (at Detroit and Chicago, respectively). One thing we both noticed was that Mazda USA was pretty cagey about the whens and hows of getting the new 6 to the US with said diesel engine, with company executives saying the car “might” be available here later this summer. That’s a long way off, in my book.

Despite today being the first day of spring, though, summer suddenly seems a lot further away – thanks to the latest review of Mazda’s new SkyActiv diesel wagon.

Autocar got a chance to take one for a spin in the UK, where the car is readily available for purchase. Autocar called the 173 HP motor “refined and, with 309 lb-ft of torque, (capable of delivering a) reasonable shove.” A 300 lb-ft “shove” in the back-side sounds fine to me, especially when the aerodynamically-efficient wagon gives back 57 miles of highway awesomeness for each gallon of diesel you give it (61, with manual-transmission).

You can check out some of Autocar’s photos, below, and CLICK HERE for the original article. While you’re at it, feel free to click on any “Mazda” ads you see on this site, find the “contact” page, and tell whom it may concern that you want the new Mazda 6 diesel wagon, like NOW.


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Source | Photos: Mazda, via Autocar.

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