The Wiesmann GT Is A Hybrid Sports Car To Envy

wiesmann-gt-1There have been many different car brands from many different countries, and only a handful have managed to survive into the 21st century. But these days wealthy investor types are bringing old brands back to life, the latest being the Belgium company Imperia. Some new investors have helped bring a hybrid sports car concept to life, and we love it.

Called the Wiesmann GT, this gorgeous coupe draws inspiration from previous Imperia models, while adopting modern technology for propulsion. The plug-in hybrid setup features a 1.6 liter BMW/PSA turbocharged engine coupled to an electric motor. The gas engine produces 200 horsepower and the electric motor another 150 horsepower, for a combined output of 350 horsepower and 450 ft-lbs of torque.

In the 2,645 pound Wiesmann GT, that kind of power will allow for some very spirited, yet frugal driving. Imperia estimates that the Wiesmann GT will be able to go about 37 miles on electricity only, and fuel consumption with a fully charged battery will be over 123 mpg. Sounds incredible, and as such it is prohibitively expensive, costing more than $160,000. A more “basic” version costing just $124,000 will be made available later.

We dig it, but for that kind of money, we’ll have to pass. Maybe in another life

Source: Carscoops


Christopher DeMorro

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