Henrik Fisker Out At Fisker Automotive

Henrik-FiskerOn Wednesday, founder and executive chairman of Fisker Automotive, Henrik Fisker, resigned from his position on the board of directors. According to an official response from Fisker himself, his resignation has to do with “several major disagreements” on “business strategy.” We wonder if this has anything to do with trying to find a Chinese investor…?

While it isn’t rare for the founder of a new company to be forced out, it is rarely a good sign, especially in the auto industry. Fisker must now sit on the sidelines as the company that bears his name spirals towards an uncertain future. It is just the latest bad news for the struggling green car maker, and one has to wonder what, if any future there is for Fisker Automotive.

No specifics have been revealed as to what these major disagreements were, but the timing may indicate that Henrik has a disagreement with the company’s plans to find Chinese investors. Perhaps Henrik didn’t want to be second banana to a new investor or company. Maybe he doesn’t think the company needs help.

We doubt this is the end of this story, though without its founder on board, one has to wonder if there is any guiding vision left at Fisker. Then again, Henrik could have been holding back the changes needed to make real progress as a car company (the man was a car designer, not an industrialist, after all).

Just a few years ago, the Fisker Karma showed so much promise. But with battery woes, production stoppages, recallsand hurricanes hurting its bottom line, along with a long-delayed Fisker Atlantic, we can’t help but wonder how this company could possibly recover. Is there any hope left for Fisker, even without Henrik at the helm? Or maybe his resignation is a good thing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: AutoCar

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