Ford2go Car Sharing Service To Open In Germany

fordcarshareOnce upon a time, owning a car was a middle-class dream for people all over the world. Yet as car ownership gets more and more expensive, consumers are looking to alternatives, such as car sharing, to offset the cost. Ford’s European division is launching its own car sharing service, called Ford2go, starting in Germany.

The name is strikingly similar to the car sharing efforts of Mercedes-Benz, which is called Car2go, and will offer similar services. Ford2go will rent cars to subscribers across Germany, focusing on a wide range of vehicles including the Transit Connect van and fuel efficient Ka.

Ford has delved into car sharing before, filling ZipCar’s college fleets back in 2011 with Focus and Fiesta models in the U.S. But could car dealerships also become rental lots in the coming years? The idea isn’t as farfetched as it seems. For many people, especially in Europe where $8 a gallon gas is the norm, car ownership is more money than its worth.

That said, we don’t think Ford plans to stop selling cars anytime soon.

Source: Ford

Christopher DeMorro

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