Aston Martin Powered By Hydrogen Heading For Nurburgring

Aston-Martin-RapideWhile not known for their environmentally friendly cars, British automaker Aston Martin has taken some interesting steps towards greening of their brand. The latest effort from Aston is a hydrogen supercar, which executives will complete the world’s first “race-pace” lap of the famous German race track, the Nurburgring.

Of course that statement only makes sense if you neglect all of the recent electric race cars that have lapped the ‘Ring, including Toyota’s record-setting P002 EV. Also, the 500-horsepower Aston Martin Rapide will use gasoline, not hydrogen, to run 20% of the 13-mile lap. So yeah, not as green as it sounds, but still pretty cool. Nobody has really toyed with the idea of a bi-fuel hydrogen car, and the setup could have benefits.

But Aston is in good company with its interest in hydrogen-powered cars. The Obama administration is starting to push hydrogen fuel cells, and several automakers are forming technology alliances to bring hydrogen cars to market. Aston Martin has also toyed around with smaller, “personal luxury” vehicles with the Aston Martin Cygnet. Yet the heart of this British brand remains big engines and sleek rides.

Baby steps Aston, baby steps.

Source: AutoCar

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