Video: Fire Department Tears Open Tesla Model S, For Science

jaws-of-lifeElectric vehicles present a unique challenge to emergency first responders, many of whom have never had to deal with an EV in a life-or-death situation before. So it is important that these brave men and women are properly trained in the handling of these new-fangled electric vehicles. Tesla Motors graciously donated a Model S sedan to help demonstrate the proper method of tearing their car open like a tin car.

We’re sure Tesla gets a tax write-off for their generosity, but it is still important that those who put their lives on the line are not inadvertently harmed while trying to rescue our sorry asses. Tesla donated the Model S to the Fremont Fire Department, which put together an almost 40-minute video demonstrating the hazards and techniques for extracting a trapped occupant.

The hosts dispel myths like getting electrocuted from prying a door open, and how to avoid touching components that could kill you. Around the 27-minute mark though is when the Jaws of Life go to work ripping the Tesla open, so we set the video player to start from right around there. You’re welcome.

Suffice to say, electric vehicles pose unique challenges, but they’re no more dangerous than driving around in a vehicle loaded with the volatile and explosive substance known as gasoline. It is all in the way you handle them that counts.

Source: Wired

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