Video: L.A. Traffic Lights Finally Synced For Better Flow

la-signalsI have seen Hell, and it is rush hour around the Los Angeles area. I have never experienced something as frustrating as a seven-lane highway turned parking lot, and downtown L.A. can be an absolute nightmare for anyone trying to drive with purpose. In a move designed to ease the constant congestion though, Los Angeles is finally moving to synchronize all of its traffic lights, saving commuters time and money.

Few things in life are as frustrating as going through one green light, only to have to stop 500 feet later at yet another red light. With almost 4,400 traffic lights in the greater L.A. area, you’d have thought syncing up stop lights would have happened a long time ago. But apparently, L.A. is just getting around to this obvious solution to its traffic woes.

Early estimates say that syncing traffic lights could increase traffic speeds by 16%, while cutting down travel times by 12%. Less time spent idling at stoplights also means less wasted gasoline. Other smaller cities have attempted to sync their lights before, but L.A. is the first major city to undertake this initiative. Native Angelinos, are you excited for this development, or skeptical?

The embed code isn’t working so hot right now, so you’ll have to click this link to watch the video…but you get the drift.

Source: CBS-LA via Autoblog


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