Audi To Go Ahead With E-Gas Powered A3 Sportback G-Tron

audi-a3-g-tronThe future of fuel and energy is still very much so up in the air, and German automaker Audi is throwing its hat into the ring with its carbon neutral “e-gas.” Ahead of the Geneva Motor Show, Audi has announced plans to begin selling a limited number of e-gas powered A3 Sportback g-tron models with more than 800 miles of range.

With both a conventional gasoline tank and a 15.43 pound e-gas CNG tank on board, the Audi A3 Sportback has an “official” range of 808 miles. Of this, 250 miles comes from the e-gas tanks, the rest from conventional gasoline. Audi says that its e-gas plant can produce enough carbon neutral CNG for approximately 1,500 vehicles.

This could hint at Audi’s plans for the e-gas powered A3, which will hit dealer lots later this year. Audi made many changes to the 1.4 liter turbocharged engine powering the A3, but all-in-all this is a very practical, and somewhat clean method of transportation in Europe. 800 miles of range is enough to take most people into an entirely different country, so refueling will be infrequent at best…once Audi starts selling the e-gas, of course. Audi will also offer a plug-in hybrid version of the A3 sportback, as well as a possible pure-electric model.

The innovative e-gas solution to the world’s oil woes is not without its faults, as we laid out in this previous piece. But we’re of the opinion that there is no one solution to fix all of our problems, and Audi’s e-gas experiment could find a place in a future where oil is used sparingly, if at all, as a transportation fuel.

Source: Autoblog


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