Video: A Self-Driving Nissan Leaf Guided By Cameras And An iPad

self-driving-leafSome days it is hard not to marvel at the technology surrounding us on a daily basis. Smartphones, tablets, and electric cars are all in their beginning stages, and a team of U.K. researchers wants to integrate self-driving car technology into the Apple iPad. The result is a low-cost, self-driving Nissan Leaf that could pave the way for true “auto” mobiles.

Researchers at Oxford University have developed a self-driving Nissan Leaf that relies not on GPS, as so many other systems do, but rather cameras and lasers that detect road obstacles. The system currently costs over $7,600, but the goal is to make it as cheap as $150, which is less than the cost of the iPad the team uses to control the system.

A prompt from the iPad gives the driver the option of taking control or handing off to the computer pilot. While right now the system is fairly basic, researchers hope to develop the software that can understand the flow of traffic and choose the best route for that time of day. It’s all very futuristic to be sure, and companies such as Google, Volvo, and many other automakers are all hoping to deliver their own self-driving cars within a decade. So far though, the only self-driving Leaf we’ve seen is one that can park itself, a technology that has already been around for a few years.

The future is coming, so just sit back and enjoy the computer-controlled ride.

Source: Autoblog Green

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