V-Tent Solar Car Cover Charges Your Electric Car (w/ video)

sola car cover

Industrial designer Hakan Gürsu calls this creation a V-Tent – it’s a collapsible, solar car cover that shields parked cars from wind and weather while converting the sun’s light into electricity that can to charge any EVs that happen to find their way underneath the V-Tent, and power any nearby street lights to make the chargers more visible at night.

With the V-Tent, Hakan hopes to extend the life of EVs and build up the electric charging infrastructure, as well as re-imagine urban parking meters. Drivers would pay with a credit card (current practice in cities like Chicago and Miami Beach) and the charging cycle would begin as soon as the V-Tent cover unwrapped itself. Drivers would be able check the status of the charge through a smartphone app, because this is 2013 and everything needs an app and a QR code, you know?

You can check out the V-Tent in (computer-animated) action, below. After you take a look at the thing, let us know if you’d trust your EV under one of these solar car covers!


Source: Wired Autopia.

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