Pedego Fat Bike Gets a 600-Watt Boost

Pedego Trailtracker Electric

Bicycling through sand, as any proper Florida-boy will tell you, is no easy task – which is why several bike manufacturers bave started offering fat-wheeled bicycles with tires over 4″ wide, that can be run with extremely low air pressure to maximize the rider’s traction in loose sand. One of these fat-bike manufacturers, California-based Pedego, has decided that riding through sand still sucks, so they gave their latest Trail-tracker model a 600 watt kick.

Pedego’s Trailtracker is a single-speed “fixie” fitted with 4″ wide Innova Spider clincher tires (which can maintain a bead at just 10 psi), front and rear Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes, a rust-resistant chain, and a hydro-formed aluminum frame. Power is stored in a rear-mounted 48V, 10-amp lithium-ion battery, and delivered through a 600-watt high-torque brushless geared hub motor, good for a top speed over 20 mph in full-electric mode.

The Trailtracker was introduced to the US and Costa Rica this month, with Canada and South Africa set to follow in March lists at just $2975 (US), making it comprable to other high-end bicycles, if a bit on the high-side for fat-tired fixies. “It’s not on the website yet because we are selling them so fast that they are in very short supply,” Pedego CEO Don DiCostanzo explains. “We did not expect them to be such a hit so fast.”


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Source | Photos: Gizmag.

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