Recycled Hawtness: Riding Out the Winter Blues (w/ video)

Winter Storage

I may be biased, but that doesn’t make me wrong when I tell you that vintage motorcycles will always be cool. As I sit here in the middle of a zero-degree wind-chill Chicago winter’s night, I dream of my old Honda CX500, nestled away in Tym Switzer’s garage, waiting for the next string of 50-degree days to come along so it can roar back to life and shuttle me across some Indiana cornfields. It’s a hot bike, and it’s a great testament to the saying “the greenest car vehicle is the one that’s already been built”.

This video, below, is by Andrew David Watson, and is a bit of an homage to all the bikes and bikers who spend their winters in their garages, turning wrenches and gazing wistfully out the window, hoping for the next warm and sunny spring.

Enjoy the video, and hold on to hope, kiddos. The winter blues are almost over, because spring is almost here.

Source: Vimeo.

Jo Borrás

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