This Adult Big Wheel Kickstarter Needs Your Money (w/ video)

ONDA Cycle Drift

As far as I’m concerned, the best thing in the world was my Big Wheel. I pre-date the Green Machine, so the original Big Wheel (and, later, the KITT-wheel) was my ride. In the years since, I have spent some Serious seat time in some of the world’s most powerful cars – from 80s Ferraris and Porsches to Mosler’s incredible Raptors and MT900s to RENNtech’s awesome twin-turbo V12 Mercedes and the Switzer’s nauseatingly fast ethanol GTRs. Along the way, I’ve ridden shotgun around famous racetracks with hotshoes named Kendall, Lewis, Andretti, and Scheckter. In my private time, I’m on 2 wheels as much as possible, because such automotive privilege as I’ve enjoyed has left me jaded and warped, and the maddening slowness of the road-going automobile grinds into my sanity in a way that very few people seem able to understand. All of that – from the GT1 racecars to the 8-second drag missiles – pales in comparison to the thrill I felt skidding sideways along my aunt and uncles’ Miami driveway on plastic tires. I’ve spent years talking about building a proper, full-scale, 180+ lb. adult Big Wheel. Now, ONDA Cycles is here, selling me that very thing.

Here’s the infographic summary.

Onda Cycle Infographics

ONDA, at this point, is little more than a dream. The company’s building up an audience, though, and its Kickstarter page is well on its way to making that dream a reality for Tyler Hadziki, who will see that each hand-formed steel and aluminum adult Big Wheel trike is beautifully built and gets to you (more or less) in one piece. At $350, shipped, the ONDA cycle is pretty competitively priced – right along with the lower-end of the fixies the kids seem to like so much these days.

As for me, the only questions I have about this thing are about my trike’s color – and whether or not I’ll be killed this season or next season!

You can check out the ONDA cycle project’s official Kickstarter video, below. Enjoy!

Source | Photos: ONDA Cycles, via Kickstarter.

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