If You’re Lucky, You Can Own A Fisker Karma For Just $500

fisker-karmaWith a $100,000 price tag, the Fisker Karma is one of the more expensive options when it comes to buying a “green” car. But what if you could get a Fisker Karma for just $500? One lucky person will be granted that wish, and the odds will be in their favor.

That’s because the Captain Planet Foundation is running a raffle, and for just $500 you can get one of 200 tickets. Of those tickets, one winner will be chosen for a two-year lease on the Karma. The foundation gets its name from the popular Captain Planet cartoon show, and to date has helped put together more than 1,500 green projects.

The value of the two-year lease is about $50,000, while a base Fisker Karma has a MSRP of $102,000. The raffle car would have a value of about $120,000, so $500 is a pretty good deal if you consider yourself the lucky type. With just 200 tickets up for grabs, the odds are definitely in your favor, and this could be your one chance to “own” a Fisker Karma.

But is a $500 bet worth it?

Source: Digital Trends | Captain Planet Foundation

Christopher DeMorro

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