Tesla Model S Owners Go On Roadtrip To Disprove NYT Article

tesla-superchargerThe Internet is all in a tizzy over John Broder’s recent New York Times article, where he runs out of juice in the Model S while on a road trip exploring the new Tesla Supercharger network. A group of Model S owners is setting out to prove that the journey is quite doable, given that proper procedures are followed…but they might be missing the larger point.

This whole incident stems simply from the fact that Broder did not his Model S tester into an outlet overnight while on his road trip. This decreased the available range substantially, and Broder wound up running out of juice about 30 miles from the nearest Supercharger, the parking brake stuck in park. It was quite the embarrassment for Tesla, and Elon Musk came out swinging against Broder and the Times, dropping data logs in an attempt to disprove the writer.

Who’s right and who’s wrong has yet to be determined, but a group of Tesla Model S owners is seeking to replicate Broder’s road trip on their own. The difference is that they’ll fully charge their Model S sedans, and they’ll plug them in overnight to avoid losing precious energy. For these full-time owners, this is all part of the Tesla ownership experience. They set out this morning from the Maryland Supercharger station, joining three comrades at the Delaware station before heading north to the final station in Milford, CT.

But for someone like Broder, who is still unfamiliar with electric vehicles, there is something of a steep learning curve. We think that is the ultimate lesson here, and perhaps once EVs become more popular and mainstream, these little snafus won’t turn into an Internet sensation.

Source: Green Car Reports

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