Hollywood Electrics Teams Up With M1-GP For Electric Motorcycle Racing

While electric cars haven’t found as many buyers as automakers had hoped, electric motorcycle sales are doing just swell. In fact, electric motorcycle racing has become a hot topic in the two-wheeled world, and a collection of amateurs and semi-pros are clamoring for more events t compete in. Hollywood Electrics and the M1-Grand Prix are teaming up to offer a class for electric racers in the M1-GP series.

The 10 round M1 Grand Prix takes place across SoCal, and interested racers will have to buy a race package from Hollywood Electrics to compete. While the all-electric motorcycle class is open to any contenders, only those riding the popular Zero Motorcycles will qualify for any prize money, up to $500 for 1st place.

This entry-level racing series could really pique the interest of young amatuers looking for a fresh racing series to burst into. Racing in any form is an expensive proposition, and while electric motorcycles certainly aren’t cheap, a new racing class would be more welcoming than trying to muscle into an established class.

Electric motorcycle racing is only gaining in popularity, and we’re happy to see a big time retailer like Hollywood Electrics promoting such a positive motorsport. Where this goes from here, who knows, but if you ask us the sky’s the limit.

Source: Electric Race news | Hollywood Electrics


Christopher DeMorro

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