Chicago 2013 – Up Close With the Toyota Prius Bicycle (w/ video)

Toyota Builds a Prius Bicycle

Toyota didn’t have much in the way of “big news” for the 2013 Chicago Auto Show, but what they had on display totally changed the way this jaded gear-head looks at cars in (what might seem to a gear-head to be) a seriously profound way … beginning with the “Prius x Parlee” (PxP) hybrid-electric bicycle shown here.

The Prius x Parlee has been making the auto-show rounds for over a year now, but this was the first time I’d had a chance to get up close to one and check out the myriad aero tweaks and hyper-efficient gear sets, wheels, and low-rolling-resistance tires that add up to a road bike that takes a concept that, like Prius, already exists (the bicycle, rather than the car) and improves efficiency at each possible step.

I’ve got a few more high-res photos of Parlee’s Toyota Prius bicycle at the bottom of this post, but you can check out Toyota’s Prius x Parlee promo video immediately below.


Jo Borrás

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