Video: “Gallons Of Light” Tesla Commercial A Fan-Made Masterpiece

Tesla Motors is a strange beast, a car company without much of a marketing budget that still generates huge buzz the world over. But because Tesla doesn’t make commercials or have a large fleet of press loaner cars, they rely instead of enthusiastic fans to spread the word for them. This fan-made commercial that follows a family road trip is brilliant if you ask us, talking about traveling the world on “gallons of light.”

This well-produced commercial is the work of Jordan Bloch, who has produced commercials for the likes of big name companies like Nike and Nissan. The journey follows the road trip of the Knapp family, who travelled from their home in Solana Beach, outside of San Diego, to the Tesla factory in Fremont. While the Tesla Model S only has a maximum EPA-rated range of 265 miles, the Knapp family used the Tesla superchargers to keep the new family sedan fueled up on the more than 400 mile trip.

Tesla hasn’t done much in the way of advertising, relying mostly on stale B-roll of the Model S in action, without, as Bloch puts it, telling a story. Tesla may need more sizable loans in order to remain afloat as an independent automaker, though sales of the Model S really seem to be soaring. Basically though, there isn’t room in the budget for a major marketing campaign.

The minute-long spot follows the family, but just as interesting is the journey that Bloch himself took in creating this commercial. A recent transplant from New York to L.A., Bloch wrote a lengthy blog post about finding the inspiration, as well as a star, for the project he had in mind. It’s a look inside of the creative process of one particular man, and the results speak for themselves.

Too bad this didn’t air during the Super Bowl, eh?

Source: Jordan Bloch

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