Toyota i-Road Concept A Low-Cost Answer For EVs

On paper, electric cars sound like a great solution to humanity’s mobility woes. But their high cost means that most people these days just can’t afford to own an EV. Toyota’s solution is a new concept called the i-Road, which promises to offer emissions free, low-cost transportation for up to two people.

While the limited information released about the Toyota i-Road doesn’t explicitly mention price, automakers are quickly realizing that if they want to sell EVs, they had better cut the price. The limited range and long recharge time of the current crop of EVs means most people will still need a second car. In Europe, owning a single car is very expensive, which is why the Renault Twizy, a low-cost urban EV, has proven so popular with European consumers.

Perhaps that is why caused Toyota to put together this concept, which will be revealed in full at the Geneva Motor Show in March. A two-passenger, pure electric vehicle with the right price could prove to be a big hit with the Old World…if Toyota goes through with making it and pricing it right.

Source: Toyota

Christopher DeMorro

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