Nissan Wants to Triple the Number of US Fast-charging Stations

Nissan Leaf Quick-chargers

EV buyers need better access to charging stations for the cars to be as practical as ICEs. Nissan knows this, and estimates there are currently only 160 public fast-charging stations in the US. Not enough, the company (correctly) figures. 500, though?

500 would be better.

Nissan hopes that 500 well-placed fast-charging stations will be visible and practical enough to help the company move more Nissan Leafs (Leaves?).

The highly-publicized EV has been losing the sales war to hybrids from Toyota and Ford, as well as the extended-range Chevy Volt – but Nissan’s not out of the game, yet. Recent moves away from some expensive rare-Earth metals, shutting production to the US, and some smart trim changes have allowed Nissan to drop the asking price by several thousands of dollars for 2013. Combine those efforts with 300% more public fast-charging kiosks available for the cars in their target markets, and Nissan’s Leaf may have a chance.

Source: Nissan, via Gizmag.

Jo Borrás

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