Xkuty One Is A Low-Cost EV Scooter For The Masses

Europe has always been sensitive to gas and diesel prices, and many Europeans have managed to go carless for a long time. Scooters are a popular replacement for cars in many European cities, and a Spanish company hopes to deliver a practical and affordable all-electric replacement for scooter-seeking consumers.

Called the Xkuty One, the simple design mimics small 50 cc scooters of the past and delivers about the same performance. Weighing just 99 pounds, the Xkuty One has a top speed of about 28 mph and a maximum range of 31 miles, though it takes just a couple of hours to recharge. The cost is projected to be under  €2,800, or  $3,700, which while not cheap, is certainly far more affordable than owning and maintaining a car in Europe. It reminds us more than a little of automaker Smart’s electric scooter concept, though whether or not that will actually be built remains to be seen.

The Xkuty One, if it is built, will come with an iPhone or Android dock, allowing the driver to listen to tunes or use GPS to navigate the city. With much of Europe enduring a recession and car sales plummeting, an electric scooter might make sense for the average city dweller. It’s even cute enough to lend itself to some serious creative customization.

Electric scooters aren’t a new concept, but is the world really ready to embrace them? The people behind Xkuty One seem to think so, but what about you?

Source: Green Car Reports

Christopher DeMorro

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