Ford Focus Electric Cost Cut, But Still Not Competitive

When the Nissan Leaf received a surprise price cut of $6,400 earlier in the month, it was a shot across the bow to automakers everywhere. With the world’s most-popular mass market electric car now far more affordable, Ford apparently felt the need to launch its own round of incentives to stimulate EV sales. Now consumers can save more than $10,000 by leasing a Ford Focus Electric, while cash buyers will see their price drop by $2,000.

These incentives mean that you can now lease a Ford Focus Electric for as little as $285 a month with just $930 due at signing on a 36-month lease. When it first went on sale, leasing a Ford Focus Electric would set you back about $435 a month. By our calculations, that is only a savings of $5,400 over the lease terms so…maybe someone help us with the math here? Ford also says this includes the full $7,500 tax credit, but the math still isn’t making sense.

Some dealerships have even offered lease deals of $199 on the Focus Electric in an effort to boost sales. However, Ford has only managed to sell 685 Focus Electric vehicles in 2012, out of more than 1,600 that they built. In other words, Ford needs to move some metal.

For cash buyers, Ford is offering $2,000 off the MSRP which, when combined with the $7,500 Federa Tax Credit brings the price down to $30,495, still substantially more than the cheapest Leaf model. If Ford wants to stay competitive, they’ll have to do better than that to get the word out; $285 a month still isn’t that great of a deal, as much as it pains us to say so. Perhaps Ford can figure out a way to make the next-gen Focus Electric an even more affordable, and appealing, option.

Source: Green Car Reports

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