The College Commute: How To Save On Your Way To Class

It wasn’t all that long ago that I was a poor college student hard hit for cash. The thought never occurred to me that maybe I could save a few buck by walking or biking to class instead of storming around campus in my 1995 Pontiac Trans Am. Man, I miss that car. Today, college students are more keen on their transportation options, and this handy-dandy infographic breaks down the most popular options.

Obviously, riding a bike or taking a bus isn’t an option for every college student. But for those students who live near campus or public transit lines, they could save big money by opting out of driving (unless of course the Bank of Mom or Dad is funding said vehicle). That said, while biking or taking the bus can save money, driving can be a big time saver, provided you avoid traffic. It’s hard to put a price on time…though many colleges do offer free public transit options for students, and free anything is (almost) always awesome.

Anyway, I found this infographic pretty interesting, and thought I’d share it with all you college students accumulating mountains of debt in an effort to better yourselves. At least now you know the options, and while you might not save enough to pay off all that debt, you might scrounge together a few extra bucks for pizza and beer this week. Stay classy friends.

Infographic Courtesy of Car Insurance Resources

Christopher DeMorro

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