Unofficial Tesla Model S Production Numbers Revealed

Tesla Motors has made a habit of playing its cards close to its chest, especially when it comes to production numbers. Tesla only reveals what it has to in order to comply with Federal law, so the official production numbers for 2012 won’t be available for another month. But thanks to a little Internet sleuthing, we now have a good idea of how many Model S sedans Tesla built and sold in 2012.

Green Car Reports went through this long, in-depth thread on the Tesla enthusiast boards, and came away with these few tidibts. The highest VIN number assigned in 2012 was 3,383, while the highest VIN number that has been confirmed delivered was 3,026.

If Tesla, like most automakers, assigns VIN numbers in sequential order, this implies that 3,383 Model S sedans were built in 2012, while just over 3,000 has so far been delivered. While that falls well short of Tesla’s initial goal to build and deliver 5,000 Model S sedans by the end of the 2012, it is still fairly remarkable.

With an estimated 20,000 Model S sedan reservations still to fill, the Tesla Motors plant is sure to be kept plenty busy for many months to come.

Source: Green Car Reports | Tesla Enthusiast Blog

Christopher DeMorro

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