Liquid Aims to Make Bicycle Rental Easy

Liquid, which was originally formed in 2011 as Spinlister, is a bicycle rental service that aims to make the process of renting out your bike as easy as renting out an extra room. Rather than renting a bike directly from the service, you rent from other users, who are paid to let you use their bikes.

According to Liquid:

“Bike owners still can earn incremental income while meeting people who share an interest (and often a passion) for bikes. Renters still get to rent a great bike at a reasonable price from a friendly local. We’re deeply committed to making this interaction as safe, easy, and downright fun as possible.”

It is called a bike “sharing” service. It lacks some of the features of a bicycle renting service such as multiple bike sharing locations, no free rental for short trips, and renters can and will charge you a varying amount of money to rent their bikes. So  the cost could be high or unexpected.

This service does enable you to rent a very wide variety of bikes, though. For example:  A Bakfiets, or a Surly Longtail bike. Another benefit of it is that it is available in almost all major U.S cities, as its users are well spread out.

Heavy use of this service is an opportunity to make new friends because it involves dealing with so many people. You don’t just rent from one company in this case, but, every time you rent a bike, it may be from a different person.

Apart from that, transportation by cycling and foot increases your likelihood of meeting new people since you’ll be exposed to everyone, and lose weight in the process! That’s pretty social.

You probably know how helpful it is to know many people!

It would certainly be interesting to see if this work for car sharing.

Source: Treehugger | Liquid

Nicholas Brown

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