Fiat 500e EV Rated At 87 Miles Of Range, 116 MPGe

While Fiat has been busy playing down expectations for their California compliance car, the Fiat 500e, the release of the official specs paints a pretty impressive picture. With an EPA-rating of 87 miles per charge and 116 MPGe, the Fiat 500e has better stats than any other EV in its class. Now the big question is…what will it cost?

With the California Air Resource Board insisting that major automakers sell pure electric vehicles in the Golden State, some car companies have not responded enthusiastically. The Chrysler-Fiat alliance certainly seemed less than happy that it was being pushed to sell a car it didn’t want to develop, but the resulting vehicle has a lot going for it.

Mileage will vary of course, but the Fiat 500e has 14 more miles of range than the Nissan Leaf. 25 more miles than the Mitsubishi i EV, and 5 miles more than the Honda Fit EV. While the Coda sedan also has an 87 mile rating, recent indications suggest that the Coda isn’t long for this world.

But the cute Fiat 500e? It might be the sleeper hit of 2013 when it goes on sale (in California only) in the second quarter of this year, and the whole “starting global hotness” campaign might be the most exciting for an electric car yet. Pricing will be crucial here, but if Fiat can sell the 500e for under $40,000, or offer attractive lease deals, they might have a winner on their hand.

Source: Fiat

Christopher DeMorro

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