Insurance Company Refuses To Pay For Waterlogged Fisker Karmas

We all know somebody who seems to never catch a break. Sometimes their “bad luck” is merely a result of their own poor decisions. But sometimes, these people seem to get screwed by fate time and again, through no fault of their own. Fisker Automotive has made plenty of poor decisions, but this time it really seems like they’re getting screwed, as their insurance company is refusing to pay for $33 million worth of Karma hybrids destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

When Sandy hit the New Jersey cost, there were 338 Fisker Karmas at one of the many ports devastated by the super storm. While 900 other cars had already been shipped to their owners, these 338 cars had to stay back for repairs, ironically to prevent them from catching on fire. When the salt water surge hit the Karmas, they were ruined…and some even caught on fire. Oh irony, your name is Fisker.

Most outlets assumed Fisker’s insurance company, XL Insurance America, would cover these substantial losses. But nope! As it turns out, XL Insurance is saying it doesn’t owe Fisker anything, claiming the vehicles were still “in transit” and thus not covered by their policy. So now Fisker has resorted to litigation against XL America in hopes of getting paid.

2012 was a bad, bad year for Fisker, from battery recalls and work stoppages to mysterious fires and now this. Hopefully 2013 will be better to Fisker, or otherwise they might be around come 2014…

Source: Jalopnik

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